Our team

Krassimir Nikolov

My Name is Krassimir Nikolov

I am the Senior Vice President of Fox Networks Group for the CEE region.

I have been with the company for more than 11 years.

I love my job here, because FNG is providing us with ample opportunities for continuous professional development and growth, and it is a really exciting and interesting business to be part of.

I adore FNG for we’ve got simply the best brands in the World.

Irina Totova

My Name is Irina Totova

I am a Deputy Managing Director Balkans.

I have been with FNG for 11 years now.

I love my job here because it is exciting and diverse.

I love FNG because of its uniqueness.

Darja Petkovic

My Name is Darja Petkovic

I am a Client Service Manager for Serbia.

I have been with FNG for 7 years.

I love my job here because I work with people that genuinely care about each other, both personally and professionally, that are smart and entertaining. I love being part of a growing company and enjoy fast-paced atmosphere where every day brings positive challenges and possibility for new learning.

I love FNG because we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Marko Dacic

My Name is Marko Dacic

I am a Marketing Manager for Serbia.

I have been with FNG for 5 years but it felt like home after week one because I cooperate with some really amazing people.

I love my job here because it enables me to engage my full potential and work with some of the best media brands in the world.

I love FNG because it is a huge international company (with all the benefits), but still has that entrepreneurial spirit and energy of a start-up project.

Radina Dimitrova

My Name is Radina Dimitrova

My journey at Fox started about a year ago and I’ve been enjoying every single day of it! As part of the Scheduling team my daily responsibilities included planning of NG channels’ auto promotion and preparation for broadcast.

In April 2017 I started the interesting and challenging path of being a Programming Coordinator of Fox Crime Bulgaria & Balkans.

At Fox I found not only nice colleagues but also good friends I am lucky to work with!

Veselin Vachev

My Name is Veselin Vachev

I am a Senior Applications Analyst, providing application support to EMEA.

I have been with FNG since July 2013.

My job loves me. We are the most perfect match that can exist. It wakes up everyday thinking of me and the time we will spend together.

I love FNG because sitting in front of the TV with my family and friends, I am proud of the content, quality and innovation we offer to people.

Krasimir Georgiev

My Name is Krasimir Georgiev

I joined FNG Bulgaria in the fall of 2011 in the role of Assistance in Distribution Team. A year letter I was promoted to the position of Coordinator and just about the same period later – to the position of Distribution Analyst.

Back then I was thrilled to become a member of FNG`s family because I knew it will be not just a real challenge but also a great opportunity for me to learn from the best and to grow both professionally and personally within the most influential media company the world has ever seen. What I was not even able to imagine is the genuine humility, poise and steadiness this tremendous company has taught me, living by principle: “Take your work seriously, not yourself”. 

Now, I`m even more optimistic and eager to continue my career with FOX, as a vivid, pivotal participant within the success story which this great company is, undoubtedly, about to write in the future.

Georgi Gerasimov

My Name is Georgi Gerasimov

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator Balkans, I am responsible for all the digital activities and platforms, part of FNG Balkans environment. Those include our Social Media, web and VOD platforms in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

I have been with FNG for more than a year already. The most challenging, and interesting at the same time, parts of my work are related to the management and realization of a lot of different campaigns on multiple markets. Keeping in mind the diverse and constant changing character of online communication, together with the broader structure of each global company, I do believe that we are striving to be always on top and familiar with the latest trends.

I am happy to be here as since the beginning I have had a lot of opportunities to grow as a professional and person. The main credit goes to the colleagues around, so thank you! :-)

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